yellow frog


Anniversaries push our buttons.  But the build-up to the date is the worse. Once the day arrives, it get better.
Trust me.
yellow frog


Almost every thing is cancelled! Time for tea, knitting, making button holes in a knitted sweater, finding an antique in the basement to give to a friend for his birthday, baking cinnamon bread, paying someone else to snow blow the driveway and walkways, since we have over 13 inches and it's only 10:30 AM and another storm is coming through this afternoon!
yellow frog

the Age of Aquarius begins

At 7:25 AM, Saturday, February 14, 2009, the Age of Aquarius astrologically officially began.

This morning, I read, coincidentally, on page 31 in "Kuan Yin" by Daniela Schenker, " serves to connect Kuan Yin's ancient message with our current Aquarian Age, the age of women."

It's pretty exiting to actually be here (alive on Earth) for the beginning of the age of love, peace, and happiness!